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Acupuncture Benefits
  Wellness Screening

Are you stressed? Do you suffer from fatigue? Optimize your health naturally with wellness screening testing and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Determine your adrenal function, body pH levels and functional status of your meridians and their related organs, systems and functions with Bio-meridian stress testing.

Testing for adrenal exhaustion determines adrenal gland function and provides insight into conditions such as chronic fatigue, non-refreshed sleep, feeling overwhelmed or rundown, slow to recover from injury, low stamina, poor concentration, low immune function, poor digestion, food and environmental allergies, PMS, consistent low blood pressure, extreme sensitivity to cold and others. Adrenal fatigue is indicated when the systolic blood pressure drops or does not rise by 8-12 points when lying down to standing up.

Testing your body pH reveals if your body is overly acidic and provides insight into ailments such as: low energy, headaches, poor digestion, joint aches and problematic weight management.

Acugraph testing is a non-invasive method used to assess the energy meridians (channels) of the body to reveal the functional status of your meridians and their related organs, systems, and functions, by determining if they are stressed, balanced or weakened, and by how much.

A brief consultation will follow after all the tests are finished. Our experienced clinic tech will go through the result with patients, suggest customer treatment plan for individual needs, and give out proper diet plan or exercise instructions according to unique body condition. The treatment plan might include but not limited to acupuncture, Chinese herbs, auricular therapy, massage, cupping therapy and detox.

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