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Acupuncture Benefits
  Non-Needle Alternatives

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Acupressure is an ancient Asian technique that involves using the fingers to press key acupuncture points on the skin, causing the body's immune system to heal itself. Acupressure is very relaxing and promotes the release of endorphins that help ease pain. It focuses on the same points on the body as acupuncture, but without needles. Acupressure is a way to reduce tension and increase circulation, improving health and resistance to sickness.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a modality practiced by acupuncturists using glass cups to detoxify, promote blood circulation, healing, and relaxation of muscles. Cupping is also used to reduce inflammation, and aid in acupuncture point stimulation. Fire cupping is one type of cupping, where a flame is inserted quickly in and out of a glass cup, which is then placed on the body. This creates suction that pulls the skin and muscle into the cup. Cupping may leave bruising or hickey like marks, which normally disappear in 3-7 days. This is a beneficial modality in TCM and is used by most acupuncturists. Cupping most commonly treats inflammation, various types of pain and tension, injuries, fibromyalgia, asthma, cough, allergies, menstrual problems, digestion problems and weight loss.

Auricular therapy

Auricular therapy is one of the most important components of traditional Chinese acupuncture. It is a specialized form where the auricle (ear) is used to stimulate various organs and meridians in the body. The ear represents a fetus in the womb but in an inverted position. It is a microcosm of the macrocosm: the ear represents the entire body.

How Does Auricular Therapy Work?

Based on extensive clinical research, there are three accepted theories which explain how auricular therapy works. The Homuncular Reflex Theory (Anatomical Model) shows that the map of the location of auricular points is in the shape of an inverted fetus. Message transfer between auricular points and related body parts has been found to be bi-directional. The Delta Reflex Theory (Lock & Key) shows that stimulation of body parts causes a change in temperature of the related auricular point, and vice versa. In short, the 'key' of auricular stimulation can open the 'lock' of somatic 'body' response in the corresponding body parts.

A deeper look at Meridian Theory shows that energy travels along a system of pathways, neither vessels nor nerves, and converges at the ear. This is one of the most important aspects of Chinese auricular therapy.

Chinese herbs

Chinese herbs are a major pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is important to combine all pillars of TCM to achieve desired results and wellness.

Herbs are a variety of naturally found products that have medicinal properties. They add to the healthful benefits of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Of the several thousand Chinese herbs that are classified and described in detail in the Chinese Medicine literature, about 600 are commonly used clinically.

Chinese herbal medicine is quite powerful in its effect. In the case of certain acute illnesses, the effect can be felt immediately (e.g. sinusitis, bronchitis, hives, colds). When treating chronic illness or cases of deficiency (e.g. Anemia, chronic fatigue etc.) the effect may take some time often ranging from 2 weeks to several months.

Here at Acupuncture Care we have our own herb pharmacy in which the practitioner can customize formulas for each patient’s specific needs. The combination of acupuncture and Chinese Herbs work together to harmonize and optimize the functions of internal organs, acupuncture meridians, circulation and the entire body.

Acumatic Machine

Our clinic employs the Accu o matic (AOM) machine offering non-needle  acupuncture treatments. The AOM is used for acupuncture meridian  diagnostic evaluation to determine where imbalances are located and non-needle deep penetrating microcurrent treatment to resolve imbalances. The meridian balancing treatments can be combined with any other modality or protocol to enhance clinical effect and break through healing blocks. It is a professional microcurrent machine, safe to use with children, elderly and adults. Common uses include cosmetic treatments, clinical treatments for acute and chronic pain, swelling, TMJ dysfunctions, post-operation  care, sports injuries, arthritis, wound healing and others.


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