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Bell's Palsy & Neurological

Do you suffer from Neurological Disorders such as Stroke, Bells Palsy, Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Do you suffer from a neurological disorder such as stroke, bells palsy or trigeminal neuralgia?  Facial spasm. Facial paralysis and hemiparalysis restrict normal daily activities and even interfere with quality of life.

Drug products may provide temporary relief; they often produce uncomfortable side effects and do not address the underlying cause that creates these symptoms?

Have you ever been diagnosed with a Neurological Disorder, and tried different treatments only to become discouraged at getting temporary relief at best? How would you like to finally be rid of your disorders? There is an alternative to surgery and drug therapy.

Acupuncture treatment for this disorder is varied and based largely on what is causing the suffering. Available treatments include acupuncture along selected meridian points, which are energy pathways throughout the body, along with cupping therapy, moxibustion, massage and Chinese herbs.

At Acupuncture Care Holistic Centre we treat a wide variety of conditions. Listed above is one of the most common ailments patients come to us with, we deal with many more conditions besides what is listed. To learn more about the individual treatments, select a condition to the right or call us at (780) 416-2828.



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